Sunday, December 4, 2016

Double Jack Neko Atsume

Hi, everybody!

I'm so boring so I will update 1 more post.
It still about gashapon & my Taobao shopping.

One more gashapon set is from the famous mobile game Neko Atsume.
Ever play it before? I'm still playing it occasionally... ^^;
Belum dapat kumpul habis semua kucing!

Double Jack Neko Atsume 

It consist of 6 items & each ball cost 300yen (as stated) & u need to try your luck on turning the gacha knob to collect all 6!
Japanese are really hardworking people.

Same as the rabbit this cat gacha also have 3 pair of styles in different color (?)
Whatever! Let see what we have in the ball... ^^

They put it in clear plastic ball so I know this is the original ball. The rabbit too.
Actually gashapon from Japan normally use this kind of clear plastic balls.

As usual they provided with this small catalog or we call it booklet or something (?)
It contains all the info about the gachapon, how to use & where to buy it together with all the collection in the series.

Cream-san & Deluxe House
Wow! Deluxe huh? Lucky cat... ^^

Here is the other one!
Mugiwara-san & Deluxe House 

The name I just follow the small booklet provided. It depend on what version of Neko Atsume game that u playing. Me... sure the Japanese one! ^^
U can change from Japanese to English or vice versa as u please.

Shironeko-san & Burger Cushion
This also have the other version. It seem like they ease their job by making same scene with different cat & stupid like me go buy like crazy!

I dont know which one of them I like the most so I decide to love them all!

Pointo-san & soft toy (mouse) with tree trunk
Direct translate je laaa...

Kutsushita-san & watermelon ball with tree trunk
Hahahahaa! For sure Japan language is pain in the ass sometimes.

Why is it called 'double jack'?
Well it is because they are dual function!
Each cat can be use as dust plug for your phone.
Well if your audio jack on top, be happy about it but if it below, well u just need to be creative a bit... ^^;

So that's all!
Hope u guys enjoy this update yang tak seberapa!

See you later!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Usagi Yougashi Honpo

Hello there everyone! ^^

Today is my mom's birthday so maybe we will go out or something, I'm not sure yet. Ok, after so very long hiatus now I would like to make a little update.

A few days ago I made a purchase from Taobao. I never purchased toys from Taobao before as I did all my toys shopping from AmiAmi.
So I tried since my officemate also wanna make some purchase.
We have this shared Taobao account so easier for me or her to put anything we want to cart.

But this totally not my 1st time buying anything from Taobao! ^^

Ok, here we go!
Usagi Yougashi Honpo うさぎ洋菓子本舗
The meaning: Rabbit Confectionery Headquarters
~malas aku nak translate betul2~

As I told u before, I love to assemble things so this gachatoy is something around that.
Even it's not really assembling anyway.

It consist of 6 different rabbits in a ball. All sell separately & depend on your luck turning the gacha knob to collect them all but I found the full set in Taobao so here it is!

They are so cute. Actually I bought this for my niece as her birthday present. She was so happy & play with it everyday with her other toys.

They came in ball like this so u need to arrange it as you like but I just follow the suggestion picture provided.

The meaning: Pound cake & white rabbit
To me it's looks like a white rabbit queen on her gold throne.

This is one more version of it. Every one of it (all 3) have 1 more other color version to it.

The meaning: Chocolate pound cake & brown rabbit
Another rabbit but with a silver throne.

This too have the other version. The chocolate cupcake version.
Yes, so cute!

The meaning: Cupcake & white rabbit
That just a rabbit eating vanilla cupcake ok!

Here goes the other version. Can you see the bite mark of the cupcake?
Yes, the rabbit eat it!

The meaning: Chocolate cupcake & pink rabbit
Looks like my phone camera didnt do it job properly but it's pink btw.
Just another rabbit care for a cupcake.

This is my favourite. It came with 2 colors pink & gold. I love them both. The tea pot & cup is way too cute!

The meaning: Pot & cup (pink) with pink rabbit.
Hahaha, even a rabbit need some tea in the evening!

This is the gold version of it I told u above.

The meaning: Pot & cup (gold) with beige rabbit.
Another different color rabbit love to enjoy a tea party.

So, that's all of it for now.
Yeah, I'm not just buying 1 set toys in Taobao.
Have a lot of it & I'll pick up some to show off in here.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kiki's Delivery Service

Hello there everyone!

How are you guys?

I'm not feeling well today so this morning I went to clinic.
After some rest & medicine now I feel a bit ok.
So I thought of updating this pity blog.
Ever watch Kiki's Delivery Service?
A Ghibli Studio's animation about a witch with her cat...

Last Christmas, there was a lucky draw in my office.
My officemate won the lucky draw.
She got a Kiki's Delivery Service 3D puzzle!
So because she don't have time to put them together I do it for her with pleasure...

So here is the box. Front & back.
Just a reminder, instruction not included so you need to fully use the box as reference or just simply use your imagination!

Let's get started!

Same with other DIY pack, this pack contains parts of the work that you need to assemble as usual!
I love putting things into places!

Yup! Always do the base first!
I don't know about you guys but for me, I will assemble the base so others will follow accordingly...
I will pick to work on the easy part first!

This is the second & third part.
They packed them seperately so it easier for you to choose which one you want to do first.
Easy peasy!

Assemble all the parts, refer to the picture on box if you must.
It was not a difficult task so I guess that's why they not provide the instruction... ^^

Ok! Almost done!
Put Jiji & his friend (ehem) together with the last piece of the puzzle in its place.

Jang jang!!!
And finally DONE!

See? They even provided an easel so you can put it on table as decoration or also you can hang it on the wall or in front of your door from the hole provided!

Ok! That's all!