Saturday, December 3, 2016

Usagi Yougashi Honpo

Hello there everyone! ^^

Today is my mom's birthday so maybe we will go out or something, I'm not sure yet. Ok, after so very long hiatus now I would like to make a little update.

A few days ago I made a purchase from Taobao. I never purchased toys from Taobao before as I did all my toys shopping from AmiAmi.
So I tried since my officemate also wanna make some purchase.
We have this shared Taobao account so easier for me or her to put anything we want to cart.

But this totally not my 1st time buying anything from Taobao! ^^

Ok, here we go!
Usagi Yougashi Honpo うさぎ洋菓子本舗
The meaning: Rabbit Confectionery Headquarters
~malas aku nak translate betul2~

As I told u before, I love to assemble things so this gachatoy is something around that.
Even it's not really assembling anyway.

It consist of 6 different rabbits in a ball. All sell separately & depend on your luck turning the gacha knob to collect them all but I found the full set in Taobao so here it is!

They are so cute. Actually I bought this for my niece as her birthday present. She was so happy & play with it everyday with her other toys.

They came in ball like this so u need to arrange it as you like but I just follow the suggestion picture provided.

The meaning: Pound cake & white rabbit
To me it's looks like a white rabbit queen on her gold throne.

This is one more version of it. Every one of it (all 3) have 1 more other color version to it.

The meaning: Chocolate pound cake & brown rabbit
Another rabbit but with a silver throne.

This too have the other version. The chocolate cupcake version.
Yes, so cute!

The meaning: Cupcake & white rabbit
That just a rabbit eating vanilla cupcake ok!

Here goes the other version. Can you see the bite mark of the cupcake?
Yes, the rabbit eat it!

The meaning: Chocolate cupcake & pink rabbit
Looks like my phone camera didnt do it job properly but it's pink btw.
Just another rabbit care for a cupcake.

This is my favourite. It came with 2 colors pink & gold. I love them both. The tea pot & cup is way too cute!

The meaning: Pot & cup (pink) with pink rabbit.
Hahaha, even a rabbit need some tea in the evening!

This is the gold version of it I told u above.

The meaning: Pot & cup (gold) with beige rabbit.
Another different color rabbit love to enjoy a tea party.

So, that's all of it for now.
Yeah, I'm not just buying 1 set toys in Taobao.
Have a lot of it & I'll pick up some to show off in here.

Have a nice day!

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