Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kiki's Delivery Service

Hello there everyone!

How are you guys?

I'm not feeling well today so this morning I went to clinic.
After some rest & medicine now I feel a bit ok.
So I thought of updating this pity blog.
Ever watch Kiki's Delivery Service?
A Ghibli Studio's animation about a witch with her cat...

Last Christmas, there was a lucky draw in my office.
My officemate won the lucky draw.
She got a Kiki's Delivery Service 3D puzzle!
So because she don't have time to put them together I do it for her with pleasure...

So here is the box. Front & back.
Just a reminder, instruction not included so you need to fully use the box as reference or just simply use your imagination!

Let's get started!

Same with other DIY pack, this pack contains parts of the work that you need to assemble as usual!
I love putting things into places!

Yup! Always do the base first!
I don't know about you guys but for me, I will assemble the base so others will follow accordingly...
I will pick to work on the easy part first!

This is the second & third part.
They packed them seperately so it easier for you to choose which one you want to do first.
Easy peasy!

Assemble all the parts, refer to the picture on box if you must.
It was not a difficult task so I guess that's why they not provide the instruction... ^^

Ok! Almost done!
Put Jiji & his friend (ehem) together with the last piece of the puzzle in its place.

Jang jang!!!
And finally DONE!

See? They even provided an easel so you can put it on table as decoration or also you can hang it on the wall or in front of your door from the hole provided!

Ok! That's all!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Breakfast

Salam semua!

Apa khabar?

Ya! Anggap la entry ni entry untuk Februari!
Hahaha! Entry lepas anggap la untuk Januari ok!

Ni lagi satu DIY (3D frame) pack yang saya beli.
Kisahnya pasal sarapan!
Hahaha! Sarapan pun sarapan laaa...

Mula-mula macam biasa kena la buat rangka frame dia dulu dengan tapak display dapur korang.
Semuanya senang je walaupun instruction dalam bahasa cina.
Jangan risau, korang mesti boleh punya la!

Seterusnya kita buat bahagian lain pulak!

Ni tingkap & pintu ketuhar?!!
Hahaha! Aku dah lupa...
Apa-apa la!

Buat bahagian rak pastu tampal je la tingkap dengan rak tu...
Easy maaa!

Sekarang kita buat ketuhar. Tadi dah ada pintu ketuhar kan?
So sekarang buat sinki dengan dapur...
Apa aku cakap ni...?
Hahahaha! Sendiri pening...

Hah, tu dah jadi dapur. Pastu buat la oven pulak...
Tampal je... Tapi bagi kemas la ek, jangan comot-comot...

Jang jang jang! Dah siap!
Senang je...

Seterusnya kena la buat paip kan?
Apa la guna sinki takde paip... Ufufuuu...
Pastu kena la ada kuali dengan cerek sekali...
Baru la boleh masak sarapan!

Hahahah! Kecik? Memang kecik wei...
Blur mata kejap... Tapi apakah dapur tanpa makanan?
Heh heh heh...

Ya! Berusaha laaaaaa...!

Hah, pastu susun la kat para-para sakura korang dah buat tadi...

Banyaaaakkkk lagi benda-benda kecik!
Hamik ko... Suka sangat kan?

Pastu tu susun sekali dengan makanan lain...
Jangan lupa letak karpet...
Ya! Ni dapur orang kaya mesti mau ada karpet...

Ni lak bahagian untuk buat tong sampah.
Hah, tong sampah pun bunga-bunga kau!
Ngeh heh heh...

Susun la tong sampah tu cantik-cantik kat tepi...
Boleh je nak letak mana suka tapi saya suka letak situ...

Buat la penyapu. Selalu kat dapur mesti ada penyapu.
Senang kan penyapu ni... Simple je... Huhuuu...

Hampir siap! Sabar sikit je lagi...
Sikit je lagi ya... Heh heh heh...

Hah, kalau nak masak mesti la ada sudip etc etc tu kan?
Buat sekali sarung tangan...

Gantung utensil tadi dekat dengan dapur...
Senang nak masak...

Maka siap la dapur Happy Breakfast korang!
Semua sangat senang...

Jumpa lagi nanti!

Countryside Livingroom

Hello there everyone!

Been a long day since my last blog update. 
Last year was until just July? 
And this year no January to March post & now already April? 
Yes, I'm very lazy & super busy this time around.
2015 brings me a lot of stuffs I need to take care off.
Before I'm gone from the country for quite a long time so here's some update for you guys!

Ever bought a DIY pack before?
I bought a lot & still have 3 boxes not finish yet.
But here the finished one & I'm so sorry the picture of step by step not that details because as usual I'm too carried on with the work. 
It so much fun, believe me & with simple instruction & patient you too can do it!
This is a 3D frame...

Take out the first part & assemble it!
Super easy!

Everything is already inside the box. You just need a glue, scissors, tweezer or anything to help you with the work & a little bit of creativity with patient!

See? DONE with the cupboard!

Now do the cabinet & picture frames! 
Hahaha! Picture frames inside a frame... 
So uncanny! ^^

Inside got a plate & sticker for TV & the clock but I'm so sorry because I forgot to take picture of the clock but here you can see it already hanging there. Add in a carpet that provided & you are about to finish! Carefully cutting all the stickers because they are super small & please cut them nicely!

Ok, the last one is the standing lamp.
You can see I already put it together & place it there.

So you've DONE!!!
(please treat this post as it is for January :p)

Happy crafting everyone!