Friday, April 20, 2012

Liebster Blog Awards! ^^

How are you guys?
Me? I am soooooo very excited!
Because less than a month ago I won the:
I from my friend that so dear to nominated me:
(please check out her blog here)
*clap clap clap to myself*
I dont know what to say as this is so unexpected.
To won an award whether how small it is was a GOOD NEWS for me!

Ok, here is what the 'Liebster Blog Awards' all about:

"Liebster" is a German word for 'dearest', 'favorite' or 'beloved'.
(OMG! That means my blog was so beloved & they favorite it & it is their dearest? Aww... :p)
*penulis mula perasan, sila abaikan*
 It was always a great feeling to know that there are people appreciated and liked what you have done!
Blogging takes time and effort and as for me i rarely have time to update in here and when that happened I feel bad to my blog.
Thanks to whoever created this award. This is such a great way to let other people notice that there are lots of other lovely blog around!
(note: some sentences borrowed from Michelle's Liebster Blog Awards entry post)

Here is the rules in accepting the award:
1) The blog owner should thanks whoever presented then the 'Liebster Blog Awards' in their blog.
2) Provide a link to whoever nominated them for this award.
3) Copy & paste the blog award (which is the one that I put up there) in their blog.
4) Nominated & present the award to any liebster blog that got 200 followers or less. Any blog will do as long as it lovely and you think deserve to be notified.
5) Let them know they got nominated & won the award by leaving a comment at their blog!

Easy peasy fella!

So far I've done until number 3...
This is because I'm not yet decide who I want to nominate this award to...
ARGHH! I dont know this can be so hard because theres bunch of lovely blog out there that I think deserve to be notified!

So, I decided to left the nomination for now & will update later after I made up my mind ok! ^^

Once again:

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