Friday, December 16, 2011

When THE STAR met Starlight & Moonshine...

Hello there everyone! ^^
(if u guys still there...)

Just a quick update...
Last month on 19th November I got interviewed with THE STAR newspaper for STAR 2: Lifestyle...
Its already out days ago on 10th December, Saturday issue of THE STAR!

Actually my friend, Michelle asked THE STAR journalist to interviewed her friends too!
I was really shock but I went to the interview anyway for the sake of my dear Michelle!
I didnt thought that it will be this FUN!!! MUAHAHAHHA!
(biasa la orang tak pernah masuk sokkabo ya tak? :p)
Thanks for this opportunity!!! ^^
(for u guys info, Michelle got sell lots of needle felting materials & me too bought from her!)

The upper-right-hand side is Erin...
She is Michelle's friend & her too is in LOVE with NEEDLE FELTING like both of us!
I am VERY GLAD that theres other people love this kind of thing too!

Well? Missed that very issue of THE STAR? 
Fret not here is the link u guys can have a chance to read it!

Thanks a bunch lots LEE MEI LI for the articles!
Till next time...
(ok, i'm already late updating this but please do bear with me! ^^;;;)
Update: WARNING!
Starlight & Moonshine WILL NEVER be at COMIC FIESTA this weekend!
So please if anyone happen to eventually seen other than 'us' using the brand please let ME know!