Saturday, April 4, 2015

Countryside Livingroom

Hello there everyone!

Been a long day since my last blog update. 
Last year was until just July? 
And this year no January to March post & now already April? 
Yes, I'm very lazy & super busy this time around.
2015 brings me a lot of stuffs I need to take care off.
Before I'm gone from the country for quite a long time so here's some update for you guys!

Ever bought a DIY pack before?
I bought a lot & still have 3 boxes not finish yet.
But here the finished one & I'm so sorry the picture of step by step not that details because as usual I'm too carried on with the work. 
It so much fun, believe me & with simple instruction & patient you too can do it!
This is a 3D frame...

Take out the first part & assemble it!
Super easy!

Everything is already inside the box. You just need a glue, scissors, tweezer or anything to help you with the work & a little bit of creativity with patient!

See? DONE with the cupboard!

Now do the cabinet & picture frames! 
Hahaha! Picture frames inside a frame... 
So uncanny! ^^

Inside got a plate & sticker for TV & the clock but I'm so sorry because I forgot to take picture of the clock but here you can see it already hanging there. Add in a carpet that provided & you are about to finish! Carefully cutting all the stickers because they are super small & please cut them nicely!

Ok, the last one is the standing lamp.
You can see I already put it together & place it there.

So you've DONE!!!
(please treat this post as it is for January :p)

Happy crafting everyone!

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