Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feeding The Muse! ^^

Hello there everyone!

At last I can update my blog again! Yay! ^^

Something happened to my blog & I'm glad that I can access it again & be able to update it at last.
Ok, I went to Jusco (I will still & forever call it Jusco!) the other day with friend just to looking around window shopping & bought something to feed my muse at MPH.
I was so glad I bought the Doraemon painting-by-numbers set!
Its so adorable & easy to do but this is not the 1st time I bought such thing...
I bought bigger canvas before, a very beautiful landscape... ^^
I'll show you afterwards.

So this is it! Just MYR12.90 at MPH! Go get one to feed your muse too! ^^

Inside got all you needed to start the painting. I really loves the easel, feel like Picasso or something dont you think? Heh heh heh... ^^
Oh, I forgot to take the canvas picture because I'm too excited to start painting right away... Maybe if I bought one more (different picture), I promise to show step by step of it! ^^

This is what its looks like behind the canvas. For you guys convenience to send to friend or family after its done. A postcard! Nope, this is mine. I will not send it to anyone at all! Hoh hoh hoh...
(see? managed to took the back picture but not the front?)

Ok, so at the side left corner of every box you will see a reference picture to paint the canvas. Up to you whether to follow it or not. This is an acrylic paint so you no need to add water to it just a bit turpentine if it getting dry. Acrylic dry quite fast, mind you.
So the end product will look like this. It must look like this or my muse will die miserably! Hahahahahaa! ^^

Ok, after half an hour or so, its done! TAADAA!
 Not the same? Yeah, I changed the color scheme to meet my moods. I dont like the background to be all yellow so I turned it to orange & thicker the main character black outline. ^^
You can paint it anyway you want. You can also paint Doraemon in yellow.
Hahahaa... ^^

Ok, so like any other professional (uhuk uhuk uhuk) painter (uhuk uhuk uhuk) I also got my initial on it!
Lalalalalalaaaa... ^^
(its in Japanese wording & it said 'Rara')

So what other things I bought at MPH? Lets see... ^^

A Doraemon file holder!

...and a Korean phrase book & dictionary (MYR24.90). This book is to make sure that my Korean is not tarnish. Yes, I learn Korean & still learning now. Yes, I planned to go to Korea again this year!
Ok, maybe I will put my travel pictures here sometimes.

Ok, see you guys again later! ^^

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