Sunday, February 17, 2013

1st Video Tutorial! YEAY! ^^

Hi there everyone!

How are u guys doing? ^^

Ok, this is just a quick update before I get back to my translation work. Yeah, lots of them need to be translated & I don't have much time as I borrow my lil sis laptop since a week ago & she wanna it back so badly becoz she wanna go back to her home (yeah, she's not living with us, how lucky she is? *sigh*)

Ok, I made a video turorial already & it edited by one of my fren's lil bro so here it is!!!
The 1st evaaaahhhhh!!!
Oh, it's in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) but u can ask me in english or japanese if anything anyway... ^^

Ok, happy viewing & happy crafting!

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