Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LocoRoco Plush-Comic!

How are you guys doing?
Me fine... Thanks to God! ^^
In previous post I mentioned about plush-comic isnt it?
Well, here I would like to share with you guys some plush-comics that I've already done!

 This is episode 1 of the plush-comic titled: THE ONIGIRIES: LOST IN LOCOROCO WORLD!

Episode 2 of the plush-comic...
Actually I made them after I've done with the plushy...
Its a lot fun to give my creations their own world...

Sorry if you guys cant read it clearly...
I cant find the original file of all of them...
I know they are somewhere inside my CD cases...
I will thoroughly search for it to infinity & beyond!!!

Theres a lot more plush-comics I made in the past years...
For those who got dA account, you can watch me & got a watch back from me!
We can exchange llama! ^^
For anyone else with no dA account, click to view the plush-comic in my deviantart!

P/S: The characters in the plush-comics above was from PSP game titled LocoRoco
Well, I will post one by one of it after I found the bigger file ok! ^^

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