Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Couple

How are you guys doing?
Fine? Me just recovered from flu... 
Uhuk Uhuk, and yes cough too...
This festive season people take the opportunity to settle down & get married!
Me? Hahaha, just not the right time... 
Well, maybe tomorrow, next week perhaps, next month or even next year?
The problem with me is I stick to one guy for a bit too long...
Even after break up... *WTFish?*
Hahaha, that's me... Super extraordinary loyal... Haizz...
Ok, here we go!
Here comes the pengantin! *clap clap*

Mr. Smith!
Mrs. Smith!
...and they live happily ever after!
Hey! Dont laugh of the name! I just cant think of any better name to give them... ^^;
Oh, I want happily ever after too! Someday... Ufufufu... ^^
I was very happy making them...
I hope they doing well at new place!

Ok la! See u guys again later later! ^^

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