Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leon the Lion! ROAARRR! ^^

Hello there everyone! ^^

1st: Why is it soooo hard to find a decent offline craft shop that sell needle felting materials & stuff here in Malaysia? I am sooo into it... Making something out of raw wool (not become felt cloth yet) are just too interesting!

I hope I can find any shop that sell all the things I need for this matter because I HATE to wait for it to come by post day after day as I'm seriously ADDICTED to it...! I preferred COD, faster & real! Or even better a shop that I can go, look, touch, choose & buy straight away... T_T

Here is one of the promises I made to a friend... A needle felting craft for each & everyone of them... I will always keep my promises to all of my dear friend as they never let me down whenever I need them around, offline or online...

Meet Leon... A lion of The Neighborhood! *CLAP CLAP CLAP*
(please check my deviantArt page to know what The Neighborhood is...)

Oi! Don't show your backside first la!
People wanna see how cute you are!
Please face in front!
Don't be shy. I will take care of you.
No one will ever snatch you away from me or steal your cuteness! Oi!

There you are! See, you are soooo adorable! What?
Oh, ok! I made a mistake by putting a ribbon there as lion is all male... ^^;;;
Pardon me Leon but this doesn't mean you are a gay lion...
People know it... I think... Heh heh...
(now I know why he don't wanna face in front before...)


  1. hi Rara, i'm jenny from wow, i just happen to be curious and click on your link in my chatbox and landed in your site. you are so talented - i'm amazed ;) keep up being creative! Cheers, Jen

  2. Hi, Jenny!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad u like them! ^^